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+ Infants and children

Sometimes children suffer from misalignment as a result of difficult births and childhood accidents. It is a good idea to have young ones checked periodically for optimum health. They cannot always tell us where they hurt, but we can find it, fix the pain and help improve their bodily condition. No matter how vigilant parents try to be, they do not always see a child fall and hurt themselves. We at Corinda Chiropractic are happy to be a second set of eyes.

+ People of all ages

Whether you suffer from an injury caused by bodily trauma, or pains and immobility brought on by stress, age or lifestyle, we have different types of chiropractic treatments in Corinda to help reinstate health naturally. There is no need to be in pain and discomfort with age. We take your health seriously and believe there is a natural remedy for many things that people once believed had to be simply put up with or medicated.

+ Chiropractic treatments in Corinda to suit your needs

Corinda Chiropractic stays current with every chiropractic service available for every person in Brisbane.

+ Pregnant women

Comfort and safety through an entire pregnancy is a concern of many women.  Often, simple realignments can bring the joy back into becoming a new mother. Dr Harman at Corinda Chiropractic has helped many women throughout every stage of their pregnancy. Research has shown that a woman’s labour pains have been reduced by up to 25% when her body is in natural alignment.  We recommend a checkup on the newborn as well.

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